What to do and What Not to do After a Car Accident

Posted on: July 10th, 2013 by SRSblogger

You’re driving through an intersection, you have a green light and you’re almost through when a driver going the opposite direction tries to pull a quick left in front of you. With no time to react you slam into the right front corner of their car. Your eyes shut, you instinctively grit your teeth and hear the sound of metal crunching against metal.

After a car accident

Don’t let yourself by walked over or overwhelmed after a car accident

You open your eyes and the inside of your car is hazy from the airbag deploying. Ears ringing, you piece together the situation: you’ve just been in an accident. “I just hit someone!” you think, but then your remember that you had a green light and there was no reason that person should’ve turned in front of you.

What do you do now?

DO: Get out of your car, if not seriously injured, and check on the other driver

DO: Call 911 immediately.

DON’T: Start yelling at the other driver.

DO: Get their insurance information and give them yours, as well as your phone number and address.

DO: Try and find someone who saw what happened and ask them if they can wait until police arrive so they can tell them what they witnessed. If they can’t stick around, ask for their name and phone number so police can contact them.

DON’T: Lose your cool.

DO: Be nice and courteous with the police, and answer all of their questions as best you can.

DO: Ask the police if they or someone can give you a ride to a hospital if you feel pain anywhere.

DON’T: Start making angry accusations.

DO: Stick up for yourself with insurance.

DO: Write down the names of everyone you talk to in the insurance claims process, and try to get everything in writing.

DON’T: Think the other person’s insurance will be nice and take care of everything.

In short, stay calm, use your head, be nice to authority figures and don’t let yourself be walked on by the insurance company. Accidents are always terrifying, but if you force yourself to think and be active in seeking a solution, more often than not things will turn out okay.

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